Packing tips for your move

Well packed = better moved!

  • Packing is very time-consuming, so plan your time generously
  • Pack up things that are no longer needed 2 - 3 weeks before the move; also think of basements, attics and garden houses
  • To avoid chaos, pack one room after the other if possible - Pack things that belong together - e.g. from a drawer or cupboard - also together in a box; this saves time when unpacking and sorting later
  • When packing, always pay attention to the weight of the moving boxes; rather carry a few more boxes than bother with heavy boxes
  • Do not forget to leave the handle holes free when packing
  • Tip and sharp-edged objects should be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap to reduce the risk of injury
  • Label each moving box (preferably with self-adhesive labels) with room and content details; this way our employees know immediately in which room the box belongs
  • To reduce the slipping of the box contents (danger of breakage!), fill the spaces between the boxes with packing paper, towels or bed linen; check the finished box by shaking it a little 

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Special packing tips

Living room 

For books, records, CDs, etc., use the somewhat smaller book boxes, because especially with books, a considerable weight is quickly accumulated.
It is better to pack only half a box full and fill the rest with towels or sofa cushions.
It is best to pack books upright and back to back in the boxes to prevent them from sliding into each other and being damaged.

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Small parts from the display case should be collected together if possible and wrapped in wrapping paper or bubble wrap.
Mirrors, fragile pictures and frames are best wrapped in bubble wrap or use special picture boxes or picture corners for transport.
Wrap electronic items such as computers, monitors, televisions and music systems especially well, for example, in bubble wrap or packing blankets to protect them from shocks during transport.


Plan most of your time for this, because packing dishes is very time consuming.
Have packing paper, bubble wrap and adhesive tape ready.
Special plate paper and glass paper is also suitable for crockery.
Pack your crockery carefully with the packing paper or bubble wrap.

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Place plates upright in the moving box and fill the empty spaces in the boxes with paper. Towels or bed linen are suitable as an intermediate layer.
Afterwards you can e.g. still pack cups as a 2nd stack in the box; but always pay attention to the weight. 
Glasses, vases and other fragile things should always be packed upright in the box and no heavy things should be placed on top of them. Wrap cutlery and other sharp-edged utensils well in packing paper or bubble wrap. 
Pots and pans should be packed separately with a little paper. 
Seal open food packages with adhesive tape. 
Do not pack food and cleaning products together with other household goods; these could leak during transport and contaminate or damage the other items. 
Small plants can be placed in a cardboard or plastic box; fill the spaces between them sufficiently. 
Large plants should be carried individually; a plant carrying strap can be used as an aid. 
During cold seasons, make sure to additionally wrap the plants in bubble wrap to protect them from freezing.


When packing, check whether perfumes, shampoos and shower gels are leak-proof; if necessary, stick the lids with adhesive tape and prevent leakage

If possible, use plastic boxes or buckets with lids for these items; these protect the rest of your belongings better than cardboard boxes in case the liquids do leak.

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