International moving

We take care of your move abroad.

A move abroad is always a big project for everyone involved. We help you to ensure that your move abroad runs smoothly and in a coordinated manner. We can support you in all possible areas. Our services range from detailed advice and planning of the move and taking care of all necessary formalities, transport by truck, plane, train or ship, to packing and storage of your valuables.

Of course, we are also happy to take care of various packing and assembly tasks as well as all necessary customs formalities. We would be pleased to advise you in detail and provide you with a non-binding offer.

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Moves within Europe

Thanks to the Schengen Agreement, moving within Europe is much easier today than it used to be, since, for example, there are no longer any border controls to be passed. However, when entering another country, there are still various legal regulations that must be observed. We know the different regulations and know what is important when entering a country. Thanks to our international network, we can also guarantee you a smooth process for your move within Europe. 

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Overseas removals

Moving overseas is unfortunately often associated with many formalities, rules and expenses. Which laws apply upon entry? Can everything be imported? Are there any particularities that have to be considered? We can help you! Thanks to our international UTS network, we know exactly what to look out for when moving internationally. 

We determine the volume of the move for you and work with liftvans or containers during the move itself. To ensure that your removal goods arrive at their destination undamaged, we pack everything carefully and load the van or container professionally. In addition, we prepare customs relevant inventory lists and take care of the coordination with the shipping company for you.



For overseas moves we use special overseas packaging. This is very special and requires a lot of experience as well as professional execution. For container loading or air loading, all your removal goods are packed in recyclable and enormously resilient paper blankets, bubble wrap, removal boxes or overseas crates (so-called liftvan). Only breathable materials are used, so that damage due to condensation moisture can be excluded as far as possible. This is especially important when moving between different climate zones. If necessary, we also manufacture custom-made products or special constructions.



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In addition to professional transport, we will of course also advise you on topics such as taxes, registration and deregistration, insurance and shipping. At the destination of the move, we can also take care of all service and installation work if desired. So you can feel comfortable in your new home as soon as possible!



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If you can't or don't want to take your whole inventory with you, you have the possibility to store these items with us. No matter if it is a box, furniture or something completely different - we will find the right place for your things!

You can find more information about storage here.