Archive relocation Nuremberg

Data backup and relocation at the highest level

As every company has the obligation to keep documents for a longer period of time, archives are created. Due to changes in the organizational structure of a company, or due to relocation, it may become necessary to relocate these archives. Now it is important to plan this relocation well, because the most important thing is to find the relocated files in the new location.

We are able to offer you the following services for this purpose:

  • Recording of archive quantities according to actual location, type, quantity, departmental affiliation and access frequency
  • Determination of the annual growth of each archive area
  • Elaboration of archive occupancy layouts, taking into account the planning of the new archive rooms, taking into account the collected data

We offer you services and relocation options individually tailored to your wishes.
 We would be happy to advise you personally! 

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Competent contact persons

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Little additional work for your employees due to relocation

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fastest possible handling of the removal work through the use of modern
Transportation and transportation aids

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Ensuring the order of the stocks

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short interruption of access

"I was very satisfied with the organization of the move. On the day of the move there were enough helpers in my apartment and the truck was big enough. The team seemed well-rehearsed and within an hour they invited my complete furniture stand. After another two hours the move was over".

"I have moved my office. All furniture, computers and files were cleared out, stowed away, transported and rebuilt and put away in the new office. The entire move was completed within 2 days and the billing was fair and uncomplicated."

"I am satisfied with the move! The employees were very strong and carried even the heavy furniture without any problems. The removal team was on time and worked quickly. They took extra care with my expensive furniture and also my mirrors arrived undamaged. The organization was good and all the furniture arrived in the new apartment undamaged!"